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De Clercqstraat 122
1052 NP Amsterdam

Postbus 3682
1001 AL Amsterdam

 +31 6 183 65 769


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De Massage Exstress has moved!

We are located in de de Clercqstraat 122, 1052 NP Amsterdam, a beautiful location in the Amsterdam.

Besides the extra space De Massage Exstress has chosen for this building because of the possibilities to carry out its mission and vision in the correct manner. We believe in the trinity: attitude, health and positive thinking. Together they make sure that people stand more positive in living and that is exactly what we want to achieve with our sessions.

You can use us for a company massage on location, for a relax and wellness therapy in our practice and for your company events. We also offer companies as introduction a free test session on location.

Look on this internet site for further information on our different massages and free test session. You can also call us 020 428 49 99, we gladly speak to you and we are looking forward to welcoming you at our new location.

With kind regards,

De Massage Exstress